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Writing: Positive Thinking Kills Writer’s Block Dead September 25, 2008

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An Example of Positive Thinking

An Example of Positive Thinking

I can’t even begin to tell you how much positive affirmations have helped me with writing in the last week, but I will try. First, let me start with a quick list of what I’ve produced in the last 7-10 days (and please consider that I’ve written nothing of worth for most of the year):

1. Four flash fiction stories

2. Ideas for roughly 4 more flash stories.

3. 3000 words of a new novel, which I’ve also managed to rewrite completely.

4. A complete rewrite of the 2nd chapter of my last book.

So what are positive affirmations? Simply put, it’s a positive phrase that you repeat to yourself daily. The whole idea is that you planting these ideas into your sub-conscious mind. By thinking positively, you start to believe what you repeat to yourself. I’m not a doctor or anything, but there are a few books out there that detail these ideas, and let me tell you, they work. At least, they have worked for me.

The affirmations that I’ve been using daily, are as follows:

1. I am creative.

2. I always have ideas.

3. I’m always ready to write.

4. I am a writer.

5. I can accomplish anything.

You can make up your own, of course. I repeat these affirmations right before I go to bed and sometimes when I wake up. I pick one or two and just say them over and over until I get bored. I noticed a difference in my attitude after only a few days of saying these phrases.I find it much easier to just sit down and write. Hell, I’ve even been writing in bed with note book and pen, which is something that I rarely ever did.

It may sound like voodoo, but trust me, it ain’t. Many writers spend most of their days saying things to themselves like:

“I’ll never finish my book”

“I’m a terrible writer”

“My book is no good”

I used to think this way, and it certainly takes a toll. No matter what you think, positive thoughts can never hurt you. Just give it a try and let me know what you think.

To read more about the power of positive thinking, read this book Feel The Fear and Do it Anyway. And remember, my site is not affiliated with anyone except my own bad self.

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1. Deborah Woehr - September 26, 2008

You’re absolutely right, Fred. Attitude is everything. TGIF!

2. Benjamin Solah - October 1, 2008

Whilst I’m sceptical that you can just do anything if you say you can, I think in this case, it’s true. More because of your second point that so much of the time, we say we can’t when we actually can.

Being a Marxist, I’ll put this down to the nature of capitalism making us feel we’re not special and that those higher always know better. It’s not particularly confidence building.

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